What is Naturopthy?

Exploring the complexities of the human system, naturopathy addresses an individual’s wellness as a whole through both conventional and natural medicines, aiming to eliminate health issues with a holistic approach.

Naturopathic principles are based on focusing on people as individuals and treating them as such rather than focusing solely on a disease. Through the use of herbal and nutritional options wherever possible, as well as homeopathy, iridology and more, naturopaths provide effective treatments with minimal side-effects and toxicities.

As a result of the greater insights of biochemistry and the body’s nutritional pathways through advanced modern medicine, we have a better understanding of how naturopathic approaches can assist in treating the underlying causes of disease as well as the symptoms ultimately helping you live a longer, more fulfilled life.

What can Naturopathy Treat?

Women’s Health Issues

Hormone imbalances are a common complaint from many patients and affect nearly all women at some stage of their lives. Naturopathy can assist in regaining a state of healthy hormone balance, particularly at the onset of menarche, preparing for pregnancy, post-natal or at the onset of menopause.

Naturopathy addresses hormone imbalances through nutritional support, herbal medicines and functional pathology testing. Comprehensive functional pathology testing provides more accurate insights to the reproductive hormones, helping to diagnose issues related to imbalances, thyroid function and insomnia. It’s as simple as a salivary hormone test which you can do at home.

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your spark, are having trouble sleeping or experiencing issues with skin, acne, brittle hair and more, addressing hormonal imbalances may be key to getting you back on track.

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Detoxification wellness centre nerang


The elimination of toxins from the body is a vital aspect of an individual’s overall levels of health and happiness.

Detoxification involves the elimination of substances that the body has no constructive use for and when accumulated within the body’s system, results in feeling poor physically, emotionally and mentally.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish, craving sweet or salty foods, suffering from constipation/bloating, repeated colds, puffy eyes/dark under eyes, acne prone skin and poor sleep, you could benefit from the powerful healing properties of detox.

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Digestive Issues & Gut Health

Digestion is crucial to the overall well-being of the body. If you’re experiencing heartburn, reflux, acne, abdominal pain, constipation, low immune defence or debilitating fatigue, you could be experiencing an issue within your digestion.

Naturopathic treatment of digestive issues and gut health involves aiming to find the root cause of the problem rather than supplying band aid solutions.

Varying causes such as food intolerance’s, allergies, gut parasites, chronic stress, poor diet and genetic imbalances are addressed.

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Weight Loss wellness centre nerang

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be more complicated than just eating less and exercising more for some individuals. There’s so many different diet theories, especially online, that creates confusion and difficulty around making informed decisions for weight loss.

Naturopathy addresses weight loss by taking into account food allergies, intolerance’s and what type of dietary lifestyle suits the individual.

Some respond better to eating raw or vegetarian – it all depends on the person. Emotional eating is also acknowledged as an issue that can hinder weight loss performance.

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Stress Levels

Stress is particularly common for most people’s everyday life in the modern world. If you find yourself waking up exhausted, yet finding it hard to fall asleep at night or feeling overwhelmed easily, your stress levels could be the reason.

Within the body, stress triggers the “fight or flight” response, releasing adrenaline and cortisol to prepare the body to avoid potential danger. The heart rate, metabolism and breathing rate increase, all of which is beneficial in the short term, however, when the body is exposed to this state for a prolonged period of time, it can be very damaging to an individuals well-being.

Prolonged stress can result in reduced digestion, impaired absorption of essential nutrients as well as creating a greater demand for nutrients like B vitamins and magnesium. When left untreated, diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid diseases and the exacerbation of existing health conditions can arise from stress.

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Being Tired and Fatique wellness centre nerang


Fatigue is another common report from clients, most commonly caused by adrenal gland burnout. Underlying causes can be related to nutritional deficiencies in iron or certain B vitamins as well as hormonal imbalances and thyroid inactivity.

When left untreated, long term fatigue can result in adrenal burn-out creating a vicious cycle for the sufferer. A naturopath will address this issue through a variety of tests to conclude how stressed or underactive the adrenal glands are.

Once this information is known, treatment usually involves high dose herbal and nutritional remedies as well as suggestions on diet and lifestyle changes.

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Why See a Naturopath?

Naturopaths focus on your long-term health and prevention, providing solutions to your individual needs as well as aiding in acute and chronic conditions. Take your life back and improve your health for good with a naturopathic approach.

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