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Anti Viral Blend of Essential Oils 20ml

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These strongly scented oils can help alleviate your flu symptoms, especially by clearing your nasal passage and reducing headaches.

Some oils may even have antiviral benefits to help treat infections and reduce fever.

Inhalation is the most beneficial way to use essential oils for a flu. You can inhale essential oils by sniffing the bottle directly or adding a few drops of oil to a cotton ball or handkerchief. This method helps clear your nasal passages so you can breathe better. The oils may also help you sleep better and distress.

Vira Blend by LJOILS, contains the essential oils of

  • Eucalyptus,
  • Peppermint,
  • Tea Tree,
  • Lemon Verbena
  • and Lemon Myrtle.

You can also add a few drops essential oils to:

  • a diffuser, to clean the air
  • dilute in a carrier oil and add to steamy bathwater
  • a carrier oil, for massaging the head, neck, or feet
  • a large bowl of hot water, for steam inhalation
  • hot or cold compresses
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