Reiki Courses and Crystal Healing Workshops

Crystal Reiki Energy Healing with Master Teacher Les Johnson

Reiki Healer Training (Energy Healing Reiki Course Gold Coast) is a comprehensive energy healing Reiki training that includes the Reiki 1 course (Gold Coast) and Reiki 2 course (Gold Coast). Reiki Course Gold Coast | Crystal and Energy Healing & Reiki Courses held on the Gold Coast at the Wellness Centre in Nerang

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What is Reiki Healing

Learn Reiki Usui method of natural hands on healing in Nerang gold coast australia

L J Health & Wellness Centre, Nerang’s Reiki Centre provides certified Reiki courses that teach students to heal both themselves and others. Reiki helps balance the chakras, improve physical vitality, increase emotional well-being and enhance spiritual clarity.

Learn Reiki locally from a master teacher with over 25 years teaching and doing Reiki. Learn to Master the Art of Reiki Healing.

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Learn Reiki Healing

Learn Reiki Usui method of natural hands on healing in Nerang gold coast australia

Discover this ancient healing art that thousands of people worldwide are using very effectively to heal themselves and others of all types of physical and emotional conditions and problems.

Reiki is a very powerful yet subtle healing energy utilised through the hands resulting in profound and lasting changes. This powerful healing modality is also very effectively used for self healing.

Reiki energy will balance and strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal itself, reducing stress, tension, emotional traumas as well as treating common health related problems.

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L J Health Wellness and Weightloss Programs

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